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3 years ago

Well it looks like EA is in more trouble than we though, with a SECOND lawsuit filed against them. Being different from the previous lawsuit it has some similarities, for one; it's again caused by Battlefield 4 and it's poor performance and major game crashing bugs, and false statements about the game's development. The lawsuit also includes at least 5 CEO's have sold their stock during the company's peak between July 25th and August 19th. this means EA could be charged with SCC Fraud. EA denies their alleged misleading of stock investors, But it will still be taken to court nether less.

What do you think of the CEO's have committed fraud? What would you do if they released DLC for Battlefield for full price after this disaster?

3 years ago

'Do you think the CEO's have committed fraud?'

Sorry for the bad sentence.
3 years ago

Wouldn't surprise me, EA is seedy as f***. The lack of quality assurance is even less surprising EA cares more about pushing products out for money than anything else.They need a good kick in the pants.