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3 years ago


Personally I love RPGs a lot, like.. a lot. I also like games that take strategy. I love fighting games like Mortal Kombat too. I've run out of games though. I love the games I play and have played, but I want something new to give me a little challenge again lol. Soo I was wondering if you guys knew any good games that you have personally enjoyed :3 Also keep in mind that atm, I'm stuck in PC Dx

Thanks! ^,^
3 years ago

josh 🌟 

I'd keep an eye on

It's all PC stuff, the prices are excellent and they actually offer a pretty vast assortment of genre's of games and not everything is from indie developers (they did a WB pack a few weeks back).

To get more specific, have you played any of the Batman Arkham games? I picked one up from that humble bundle site and it's been pretty fun thus far.
3 years ago

Atomic ☢ 

The Witcher 2, The newest Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on steam. Darksiders 1 and 2. Dark Souls. You probably already have played this or have them. Um skullgirls, Titanquest. Torchlight idk really too many to list that I can't really think of.
3 years ago

Deleted User has a great selection. The original Fallout games and Baldur's Game series are fantastic.
3 years ago


Well, I don't really do RPG much, I'm more into 2D chat rooms with avatars such as, You can also make your own if your old enough AND have the money to do so, and to keep your chat running c: