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Favorite games?

1 year ago


Pretty interested to hear of all the game titles that people have played and fallen in love with. Give some reasons why you love these games.

Personally, I love the Fallout and Zelda series more than any others because I love the open world aspects of the Fallout series along with the post-apocalyptic theme and I love the Zelda series because of the changing story and enemies between games, yet retaining the same iconic character whose goal is save the world.
1 year ago

WC3, wow, League, And of course star wars battlefront 2
1 year ago


I honestly don't think I can pin any game that is my absolute favorite, but I do know that I've fallen in love with a good few of them.

The first game(s) that comes to mind are definitely Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus by Christine Love. Those two games are both visual novels, with Hate Plus being the sequel to Analogue, and the reason I love them so much is how much they really push player immersion. Both games have you play as an interstellar whateverthehellIcan'tremember, with the point being that the entire game plays within an actual computer terminal, sort of like the computer you would use to play the game, with everything from the GUI and the plot devices to all be canon-relevant, instead of just simply aiding the player in actually playing. On top of that, since Analogue and H+ are so intertwined with each other, the sequel, H+, uses the save file from the ending that you acquire from the first one, Analogue; it's really hard to talk about one game without the other due to the save mechanics. Lastly, Christine Love goes so far out of her way to grant immersion to the player, that it is "detrimental" to the player experience according to conventional wisdom. H+, in particular, plays out in three acts, and the game actually forces the player out of the game for 20 hours at the end of each act, making the player, as accurately as possible, experience what being part of this particular story entails. I find it really refreshing to find a game that really draws you into its world to such a ridiculous degree.
1 year ago

I'm honestly not much of a gamer, but I do enjoy occasionally playing video games. I'm mostly into dark/horror games, but I do like some other types of games as well. Here's some of my favorites:

* Diablo. I've played 2 on PC and 3 on Xbox 360, but I never played the first one though. I love Diablo 3 the most out of those 2. I love the story line, I find it really fun and it's just something that hold's my interest.
* Rise of Nightmares. It's only for the Xbox 360 Kinect. It is the only Kinect game I like, and I believe it is the only rated M game for the Kinect. You basically fight zombies and you actually have to punch to punch them in the game. I just find it really fun, although it does get tiring.
* Silent Hill series. I love all the Silent Hill games. My favorite would have to be downpour. I don't know why but I really enjoyed that one the most.
* Assassin's Creed 2. I've played all the Assassin's Creed series until Black Flag, but 2 is my favorite. I love the time period and just about everything with this game honestly.
* Bioshock. I have only played Infinite so far, but I love it. I still didn't get very far in the game yet, but I do still enjoyed it and consider it as one of my favorites. I only played in on my mom's boyfriend's PS3.
1 year ago


GTA - I love all the GTA franchise and the best game for open world games and online I guess. I made alot of friends there :D

Ps : I can't wait for Final Fantasy XV
1 year ago

gatta take it back a couple decades man. super mario bros. and super mario 3 for the NES has to be my favorite of all time. including the old zelda games like a link to the past and the adventures of link. but most of all, ocarina for the N64 and majoras mask hold their own place in a section of my heart. not big on new gen consoles. if i had a new gen favorite it would have to be the fallout series kinda. or any other online interactive games like GTA and Call of duty.
1 year ago


dragons dogma, tales of zestiria , samurai warriors 4-2. anything japanese. man i like the japs . they're friendly and pretty and yeah but its all just random guess. would not want to know how a real jap acts either. more the less witcher 3 is quite greeat and yeah im really sorry i play sims 4 also call me gay but yeah its bad ass with the mods. sorry did i speak too many games. well the FF this is a gaming group after all. man dota pach is done gottta play see you there bye :D. sorry if i offended some whiny little b*tch out there.
1 year ago

As far as favorites go I would say skyrim, Zelda, fallout and witcher 3.

For the most absolute fun and the games I could play all day every day is any Mario party, or smash bros.

I am very much a fan of the classic couch co-op and party games, since that's what I would play with my older brother and friends. Having that same feeling you got at 5 years old being the same when you are 20 is the best feeling ever.
1 year ago


I wish that I had a favorite game. I just really like playing a lot of games so I cant pick on which one that I want to be my favorite.
1 year ago

Age of Mythology