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Honest opinion on Star Wars Battlefront.

1 year ago

Deleted User

I HATE IT. I honestly think its one of the biggest fail for 2015. A game with so little going on that I wont even be able to bring myself to get to max level. Now I love fps games, master prestige in all C.O.Ds since MW2. But this game. 1. EA made it! and sure they made the other Battlefronts, but if you haven't payed attention to the video game world lately EA was voted the worst gaming company for 2014 and 2015 due to this new "give me more money" way of working. EA loves to sucker punch us gamers reach into our pockets and take our money. Its true. Find me an EA game that wasnt loaded with micro transactions or absurdly priced dlc's. This season pass...IS 50 BUCKS! Its hard to believe that the dlc for this game is gonna be worth the price of a new game and for the base game we were given this game really needs the dlc to be anything enjoyable. Reason 2. The core game is shallow! You have around 9 game modes for multiplayer. But thats a lie. Only around 3 game modes are playable. Why? Cause the other 6 SUCK! They suck so bad that finding a lobby for them is a challenge. People dont play that crap. So you are down to 3 game modes. But its a FPS game, all you really need is TDM and good customization. But you have a total of 9 main weapons! ONLY 9 GUNS?! WTF. Each gun has no recoil so it all boils down to which does the most damage. You will use 1 gun the entire time you play this game. I have been sniped with the handguns as well as the op Light machine gun. I can even remember their names causes is some X-0143343542 bull crap. You play as the Ugliest characters in star wars history. Some real no name champs over here. and dont unlock any real looking characters until late levels. And your main unlockables is just some figures that stand in some poor looking frozen stance. Not even worth trying to get. Reason 3. The gameplay is weak. You will see that there is no plus to doing good. No rewards, kill streaks or even point bonuses. You get the kill streaks cause you want kd. not cause it will help you win. The power ups in this game is in the form of random spawning tokens that makes me feel like im playing pac man running around to get a power pellet. BUT I BET YOU that every team you will be on will have 1 or 2 people who do nothing but camp at spawn and take the tokens when they spawn. So if you wanna play as Darth Vader you better pray you can run faster then the guy with the jet pack that has gotten the last 4 tokens in a row. The spawn is crap. Its a team game, So why is the spawn more like a free for all? I have even spawned in the middle of the enemy's base a few times just to get blasted at once. Sure you cant get spawn camped even tho it still happens. But when you do spawn you are so dazed n confused that you will most likely stumble in the open and die. This game has real issues on balance. Some game modes will make you insta quit if you are not on the right team, cause they can easily steamroll the other team. I have seen game play of Boba Fett going around 200 and 0 cause his hero is over powered. So just know if you are on the rebel team and the enemy knows how to use him, you will lose 100% of the time. 4th Reason. NO CAMPAIGN! for a fully 60 bucks game you would think they went all out! got the same voice actors make a kick ass storyline. The real Star wars experience that they promised. But you will find yourself looking at the title screen and asking yourself why did you even put the disc in. Something I still face as I pray satan will come and take his unfinished dooms day project away from me. This game PRAYS on peoples love for Star Wars and does it in the sickest way! by tricking up that this game is full of content and value. but I am so ashamed I paid 60 for it. Not even worth 20 bucks. I give this game a 3/10. ( DO NOT TOUCH THIS GAME!)