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Trophies/ GamerScore

1 year ago

Deleted User

Time to brag about those achievements. Which games. or how many did you get Plat or 1000gs for? How much trophies you all got?
1 year ago

Deleted User

Ill start off. I have 8 Platinum trophies.
(starting at the oldest to newest)
1. Borderlands
2. Silent Hill Downpour
3. Bioshock 2
4. The Walking Dead (This one is kinda a freebe)
5. Far Cry 3
6. InFamous 2
7. Bioshock Infinite
8. PvZ Garden Warfare

Other then that i have a total of 2452 Trophies
1975 - Bronze
401 - Silver
67 - Gold
8 - Plat
1 year ago

Deleted User

i have to meany
1 year ago

Deleted User

I don't have a PS3 or PS4 right now, but I do have a decent rack-up of achievements on the 360 maybe ;-;

Gamerscore: 27578
Achievements: 1424
Completed: 2
- Bully: Scholarship Edition
- Harm's Way

I'm obviously not much of a completionist. But I'd say I've done pretty alright, considering I never really seek out achievements or anything