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Five nights at freddy's 3 is out...

1 year ago


FnaF3 is out a day early, because the developer just loves to surprise us :o

...And not to spoil anything but it's f***ing poop inducing.

Do you like the Five nights games? who is going to pick up the third installment?
1 year ago


i only like the game because its enjoyable to watch lets player play fnaf but honestly the game isnt all that great. the game is really just the new slender
1 year ago

I agree the only real sustenance that the game has is all the theories players make. In fact of gameplay. Jumpscares and Stress dont make for a good game. I feel FNAF's is just a game people dare people to play to f*** with them and not to have any real enjoyment
1 year ago

Oh wow, I didn't think there was gonna be a third game..