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P.T Silent Hills

2 years ago


As a huge fan of SH, I'm so freaking excited. So, what can you say about it?
2 years ago


I really enjoy Guillermo del Toro's movies, although they have yet to scare me, so I think he could save Silent Hills, or at least make it decent after these last years of not good.
Then there's Hideo Kojima though... He makes such weird over the top things, I just don't think he'll do good on making a survival horror game at all!
And as for Norman Reedus, I generally don't like it when you put actors in games as not just voice actors, but also make the character in the game look like them. I didn't like Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls either, it's just weird...

I'll pay good money to see the three of them trying to communicate though, especially without a translator.