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Majoras Mask 3D!!!!!

2 years ago

Deleted User

Nintendo had finally announced majoras mask for the 3DS, coming out sometime in the spring of 2015.

Majoras mask being my all time favorite zelda game and favorite game of all time, i have pant-s***ting excitement.
2 years ago


I can finally die a happy woman.

Well, I wanna play it first, but you get what I mean.
2 years ago


This just made my life! That is amazing, thanks for telling me!
2 years ago


i havent played this one yet i just started ocarina of time but im pretty excited about this myself. i guess i better get a wii u stat!
2 years ago


omg majora 3d is gonna be both beautiful and creepy as f***
2 years ago


Screw job, prince charmant & good grades, I need this in my life.
1 year ago


i just finished it, it's so incredible *-*. i love LOZ so much