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Games with Gold/Free with Gold (Xbox 360)

2 years ago

I will be updating this thread with the free games that are released for Xbox Gold members, along with the dates that they are free. So yeah, this is a thing.
2 years ago

9/16 - 9/30

Halo: Reach

Highly recommended download.
2 years ago

10/1 - 10/15

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Better than Call of Duty, at the least.
2 years ago


dark siders 2 is up now until halloween get quick its still kick ass to play
2 years ago

10/16 - 10/31

Darksiders 2

Controls seem a little more unresponsive than I'd care for.

Game's movement and combat seems to focus more on pulling from other games, with little success.

And I spent too much time trying to adjust to the controls that it's harder to focus on what's actually going on.

The beginning of the game just screams "Tutorial," and the story is hard to understand if you haven't played the first.

I guess the game is okay, tho.
2 years ago

be nice, everyone has a right to post here.
2 years ago

2 years ago


i love how my post was removed cause he cant handle the truth lol
2 years ago

11/1 - 11/15

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

Hey, look.

A game that isn't about brutally murdering people online to win, while being called "faggot" by a squeaky 12-year-old.

It's pretty good.

There's piñatas and s***.

And you can make them have piñata babbies and s***.

Make 'em all fabu and s***.

Pretty good~
2 years ago

11/16 - 11/30

Red Faction: Guerrilla


Destruction. So much destruction.

It's beautiful.