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Do you take your 3DS anywhere? (streetpass)

2 years ago

Deleted User

Lately I've been learning more and more that a lot of people who own a 3DS don't really take it with them outside or to events. Personally i take my 3DS everywhere i go, just in case. I enjoy the streetpass aspect and it's fun for me.

Though i do understand that it could get stolen, broken, or lost. I had my first 3DS lost on the bus and then stolen, and i ended up buying a brand new one. I called up Nintendo and got all my downloaded games back onto my new 3DS (which by the way, was awesome. Because the waiting music was legend of zelda music.) and i still take my 3DS places.

Maybe it's just me, but i think it's cool to see who else around you has a 3DS and see what they play or whatever.

What are your thoughts?