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EVE Online (PC)

2 years ago


Anyone here play EVE Online (or its counterpart on the PS3 Dust 514?)

Its a brutal came of transhumanist spacecapitalism, with one massive server, open world pvp, an entirely player run economy, and enough depth of gameplay to get lost into any one thing for years. Its an entire digital universe.

2 years ago


I played the trial for a bit, I admit it was kinda fun. But I didn't have enough imitative to buy a subscription.

There's a strange sense of satisfaction in it. But it seems just like an interactive screensaver at times.
2 years ago

It looks pretty cool, I'll have to check it out.
2 years ago

Dust 514 was alright. But I don't play PS3 anymore.

And I don't even have a PC right now >.<