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Any League of Legends Player.

2 years ago


I'm just curious as to which champion, and role is your favorite, and what ELO (rank, i.e. Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Challenger) you all are.
2 years ago

Honestly, Sona might be my favorite. Even though my favorite lane is Jungle.
As for ranked, I hardly ever play it. I usually in do custom games with 10 people all on skype ^~^
Or just normals.
2 years ago

I think my favourites are Annie and Rengar(the kittycat).Im gold 4, but im too lazy to rank up. ^^
2 years ago


Elo, I haven't heard that word since season 2 when there actually was an "ELO" system lol xD I mean Cait and Riven c: ADC is my thing though c; Silver 4 and climbing because of a bet lol (archmedies) HMU anytime lol.
2 years ago

I play Jinx.
Cause I love shoot at things, you know?