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Creepiest Things in Gaming?

2 years ago

Anything from a game, horror or not, that has caused you to feel uneasy or afraid?
Maybe a character model that you feel uncomfortable approaching?
A jumpscare that's causes a game pause and possibly a decision to quit playing the game entirely?
Fear-inducing music, grinding against your eardrums and forcing your mind into a state of unnerving panic?
Or maybe just one little soundbite that digs into your senses, sending chills up your spine and a memory forever into your mind?

How many times do you have to repeat to yourself,
"It's just a game" before you believe it?

Or is the fear too much for you?...
2 years ago

lavender town in pokemon red/blue really messed with my head that music is so creepy as well as when i looked into it about a year ago made it worse haha
2 years ago

I love horror games that's why i play them on my youtube channel i have actually scare quit once from a game just because of the sheer creepiness and atmosphere
2 years ago

Ahh, fear quits. Aren't they grand?

I knew someone would mention Lavender Town cx
2 years ago


the worst one for me was the game where you were in this hospital or something and there was something following me, and it was like some demon child or something. if i remember the name ill post it.
2 years ago

Yeahhh, a lot of horror games end up having a hospital cx
2 years ago

,_,...There was this one time I was playing Sims and my cats tails ceresed my leg and I thought it was a spider...;-; close enough right...I mean my sim was dying in the process...
2 years ago

Personally i think the moon from majoras mask was the creepiest part of my gaming experience, the whole story and feel of the game was sort of eerie.
2 years ago

Suspiciously.Obvious Kinda asking about stuff that's specifically from the game itself, but I guess that can count.

Jaybo Anybody who hasn't played this game, needs to play it. I remember the first time I played it. I was just happy to see the outside world, and then THAT.
Never thought a moon could be traumatizing.

Screw moons.

Praise the Sun, I say.
2 years ago

nintendo are twisted in their own special way haha