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Resident Evil 7 and E3 2014

2 years ago

Deleted User

It is rumored that Capcom will announce RE7 at this years E3 event June 10-12.
Personally, being a major fan of the resident evil series, and even playing through RE6 (yes, bad. But playable) i am very excited about this HOPEFUL rumor.

Capcom didn't like how RE6 went and my guess is that they are going to go back to its survival horror puzzle aspect like like their older games. I really want to see the inventory mechanic of RE4 come back too. Overall i want this game to really Bring me back to the Resident Evil series.

My little nostalgia dream is they all of a sudden announce another Dino Crisis... But that's just me.

What are you excited about with E3 coming up so soon?