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EmoPoint Rules

12 months ago


1.) No pleading for YouTube subscriptions.

There has been a lot of YouTube account users begging for subscribers popping onto our inbox, comments and occasionally our questions, we do not want to see any beggars in this group.
However, we do allow this kind of proper advertisement WITH a video of what you present: www.scenekids.com/Lucifer.Christ/journal/40470/examples-of-youtube-advertising-on-emopoint

2.) No Cat Fishing

-There has been recent accounts that are made up and lure you onto their emails and other sites. Someone saying "I have something to tell you please message me back at [email protected]" Those we should be careful with at all times, if we do see these kinds of advertisement on our group or if you know anyone that's on our group doing that, please notify me immediately so we can ban them. We advice blocking and/or reporting any suspicious and shady users. Other safety guidelines can be followed through here: www.scenekids.com/safety

3.) No Bullying

-It's obvious, any harassment or act of bullying will not be tolerated and will be given a permanent ban, if you do not like what others post be professional about it and do not put them down.
-Any comments towards another user to kill themselves, or put downs will be taken off and the user will be banned.
-Any threads posted negatively about any of our users will be taken down and the creator of the thread will be given a one time warning depending on what they post, if they repost it or continue they will be banned. (if the thread consists of telling others to suicide or any vulgar content, they will be banned.)