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Greetings New and Old Members! Important Notice!

12 months ago


It's been a really long while since I last posted a thread that isn't sarcastic or dopey, but today I'll be professional! There might be a new change into our profiles to show off our joined groups which is awesome to show off EP to other lost members or new coming members! We do not have a certain date yet but they are working on adding logos onto groups which will then be added onto our profiles like if they were badges. We are still receiving request from SK members wanting to join which is great, we are at 88 members and our goal is to reach 100! If you have friends interested, or had friends from the old EmoPoint website ask them about joining our EmoPoint Refugee group! If you want to show off the world what's your style, try adding our group onto your profile! I'm always checking in on SK, the farthest request I've missed was close to a day but nevertheless I'll always be checking on SK every little time I have!

Everyone is welcome!

Thank you for being a part of EmoPoint Group