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let's start a fucking thread man

12 months ago


ISIS...whose joining?


random thread for the laughs bro, or not...choice is yours...opinions about ISIS? They just caught a few members from it on my home town trying to leave to mexico, here in all places, a small town, what they want others to think it is.

Also, Anonymous are declaring war on ISIS because of the event that happened on Paris, you don't see Illuminati junkies cracking up on s*** like this, next thing you notice, the internet goes down (not really, dramatically speaking). So, Anonymous anyone? It's for the people and by the people so why not. Choice is yours.
11 months ago

Anonymous ain't gonna do s*. The only thing they're good for is trolling people to suicide and ddosing s*ty websites. Sure, they've done a few cool things, but Anonymous isn't a small concentrated group, it's a bunch of neckbeards who sometimes finds a productive hive-mind.
7 months ago


cool story
6 months ago


U will all die if u keep talking like that bout emo kids.
6 months ago


there's nothing here about emo kids dude