15 / Female / Straight / Broken Hearted
Your Mom – US
I'm jus a smol fetus that likes listening to music and meeting new people.
I'm just out of a relationship, so gimmie a break please
Also emptylaughter is cool i guess, that is if you like buttfaces :)
I've met a lot of cool people on here, and it's cool to know how many people are out there.

Also, also, also

If you know where this lyric comes from I will love you forever and will be 10x more likely to give you my kik then if you don't.

"We took the peace sign and reduced it to deuces, so raise your peace sign if you're not useless."

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Why do these things happen. They say it's because I was raised wrong and my parents weren't strong, but then whe do broken homes produce millionaires?

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If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?