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Who am I? Like seriously, what makes me... me? Is it the way I think? Is it the body that I live in? I am just a make up of cells and atoms that work together to say "alive". But what about the new atoms that come and the old ones that go? Are those also me? I don't know man, but it keeps me up at night.

#Note: Take a drink every time I uses the word "I".

Anyways, I'm a programmer. I have a pile of dead bodies that I keep in my closet *shhhh* don't tell anyone. I simultaneously think I am the greatest and smartest person on the planet and the absolute worst most idiotic. I avoid human interaction in practically every way I can, but even I need some company from time to time.

Story time.
I was 16, and there was this girl. I had a huge crush on her and asked her out. She agreed and we texted all the time and talked on the phone for hours but whenever we made plans to hang out she would always say she would meet me after school but I would wait there for hours just walking around doing nothing but waiting there and she would never show up, not even a text. I did this like 5 times (About 30 hours of my life wasted sitting in an empty parking lot), It turns out she was hanging out with some other guy at school. One day she finally showed up. She hung out with me for like 10 minutes after I waited three hours for her then she had her mom come and pick her up. The next week I found out she was cheating on me for the past two to three weeks, I got so angry that I, well if I told you what I did I would have to kill you. Buuuuuuutttt the moral of the story is I am very very patient and I will never stop trying. It's part of being extremely stubborn.

Story numbero dos.
Once upon a time there was a man who horrible programming pick up lines. I murdered him and stole his pickup lines. The end.

Once upon a time there was this perfect redhead girl and I actually got her to date me and fall in love with me then I abused the emotions she felt for me to push her away and basically emotionally self harm myself because I hate myself and now she ended up having a baby with her best friend who she only dated because I broke her heart and I'm sad and alone.

That enough for you? Because I doubt (Yes I just doubted YOU, yes you personally, you are the one I am doubting, no one else, just you.) any of you nerds actually read any of my stories or even care about me. And if you did then you just wasted fifthteen minutes of your time because the chances that I would actually talk to you are equal to zero divided by zero.

I've killed myself four times.

Don't waste your time on me.

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