18 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
fairhope Alabama – US
Im cally. Im a pineapple I'm a kiiwai potato I'm so weird .

i love k-pop and j-pop I LOVE THE BAND BTS .
i update my info everyday so you can learn more about me and sometimes i forget what i should say .
my birthday is july 13 and i was born in the year 1998 and I am currently 18 years old. I've had to rewrite this many times because I’m bad and saying how i feel. if you love anime i f** love you and I'm currently trying to figure out what my purpose in life is my dreams are to be an actress And my more realistic dream is to be a chef i love cuddles and chilling .I love watching people skateboard. i am funny sweet down to earth if anyone needs me i am here for you always i love horror movies if I have someone to cuddle me I get gross out by those kind of movies lol and i love monsters and coffee i am 5'4 . i love slipknot bvb twenty one pilots falling in reverse , Pierce The Veil , fall out boy.
Sleeping with Siren, the ready set, SayWeCanFly, horizon
,crown the empire,.
escape the fate,.
or Memphis May .
black veil brides.
falling in reverse .
super junior.
green day.
panic! at the disco.
monsta x.

,pizza is good i LOVE TEA. sadly I do not know how to skateboard .i sing i write songs but I'm not good at it lol . and I'm also looking for people I can trust. I F***ING LOVE COSPLAY . I LOVE pokemon Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. its about having a pretty mind pretty heart and pretty soul.Im a very open person, with a great sense of humor I am honest, and I don't judge anyone for how they look/dress/how they feel, but I get upset when people put them down for it.penguins and sloths ARE SO CUTE I love cats I like to sing listen to music I like to dance I. Love to clean I love to chat I love to make new friends I also love to cook
i love tacos . i love to watch people play guitar and drugs i am learning how to piano ., sometimes i can have social anxiety

I grow up listening to Flyleaf with My mom it's has always been one of my favorite bands even with the new singer .

I really love Korean and Japanese and Chinese movies and music I'm learning

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I have whatsapp anyone wanna text.

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AshChaotic.aka.Senpai asked

Happy day of the birth! :p
thank you so much

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Happy birthday