18 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Stars. – UK
•Good Vibes.☯✌︎
•I'm A Writer.✍
•I Love Music.🎵
•I Could Spend Hours Outside At Night Watching The Stars.☽☆
•Ask For My Snapchat.❤︎
•I Don't Send Nudes So Don't Ask Me For Them. 😒
•I Like Someone Who I Can Get On With Pretty Well And Someone Who I Can Be Silly With. I Also Like Someone Who Can Make Me Feel Secure And Safe.😌
•Getting High And Cuddles.😎
•Interests: Watching Films, Drawing, And Painting. 🎥✍🎨

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I'm pretty tired but I say that about 294957943793482382 times a day lol.