20 / Male / Pansexual / Single
california – US
hai there ^.^ im a really out going fun guy that loves to shuffle and jump style but also likes to headbang to something a furry and my fursona is a black and purple husky and no i dont dress up in fur-suits and have fur-suit sex with people lol and im not into bestiality lol....i am luciferean if you want to know about me religious wise which pretty much means i worship both god and Satan equally for there cant be one without the yeah if you have botherd to read this far hmu :p
fav bands/artists;
attack attack, a day to remember, of mice and men, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, slipknot, jefree star, headhunterz, anthrax, powerman 5000, atilla, blood on the dance floor, my chemical romance, anna vexa, dark occilators and alot more ;p

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omg nooooo way i just got tickets to see f***ing bring me the horizon and of mice and men ughhhhhhh i have an extra for anyone in san diego area if intrested message me!!!!