14 / Non-binary / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Kings and Queens of Potatos TheEmoBlondie
. – US
Im kinda a nerd. I Love Anime like Black Butler, Attack On Titan, Owari No Seraph And Sports Animes.

Haikyuu,Yuri On Ice and Homestuck have completely ruined my life.

Suga and Jin are my biases in Bts. V and Jimin are my bias wreckers. Exo and BlackPink are my other favorite k-pop bands. For other kpop bands im making a journal for all of the bands and my biases

Music in general is my life other bands I listen to are Metallica, Pierce The Veil, Twenty One Pilots ect.

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Got My Friend To Listen To T.O.P And Bts

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Rate--- 7/10 you are so pretty <<333 like oml gurllllll