16 / Non-binary / Djentsexual / Broken Hearted
North Carolina – US
Um... Hi? I see that you have found my profile. Since you're here, click that add button up top and message me. I'm always looking for new friends/people to talk to! Here are some facts about me:
-I'm 5'1 (Yea Ik I'm short af)
-I love Metallica and Slayer
-I'm Tansgender (female to male)
-PREFERRED PRONOUNS: he/him/his or they/them/theirs
-I have my nose pierced but i dont wear the ring all the time....
-I have grey/blue/green eyes
-I skate
-I play softball, football, track, and soccer
So yea that's enough about me, so message me anytime about anything!! :)

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Gimme something to draw!!

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tbh: your awesome


Happy birthday


Ello, what's up