15 / Female / Pansexual / In Love
rebellious teen sisters Satans.hellbound.daughter
idkutellme – DE
Hi, I'm Amy, you can call me Amu. c:
- Matt is my life
- Abbu is my world
- Tea Lover
- Animal Lover
- Music Lover
- Small Selftaught Artist
- Professional Tree Hugger
- My kik is ._hufflepoof_.
- Skype is amy-nightmare
- Snapchat is hufflep00p
- Feel free to talk to me any time you want <3
- Kawaii af
- I'm too clingy for friendships

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so i guess im kinda done with tyler now. i blocked him and tbh i feel a 1000 times better even tho i miss him already. </3

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Satans.hellbound.daughter asked

can we be nightmare sisters?
i would propose it but its no option on urs
yes cx

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Wow what a babE ♥


Tysm ❤ qt bb


Llama ^^


awww thanks