16 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
um some i think now me idk and idc tbh lol. well im alondra call me Londri as my friends call me idc um what else can i say...
Im half french half mexican
i like BVB, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, panic at the disco etc. umm i also like blackbear idk if you've heard of him lol. well i just turned 16 and im 5'2 or 5'3 i don't pay attention on that cuz i don't care how good i'm supposed to look like im just me. I've become a gamer ever since i met my boyfriend lol i love playing SCGO I have steam yesh!!! lol and watch a lot of gaming videos lol I'm cold sided and have my cold hearted times. im part emo don't matter for im honestly looking for friends and be cool wit ya im boring to myself but ehh idk what you'll think bout me...
im in love i really love him he's the best not interested in no one else just him. um i've learned i don't like liars and fake people so if your here to lie or be fake turn your ass around and look for another ass to drop your s*** at XD. im friendly and loyal don't have to tell you i just am now.i like writting and drawing this profile ig will be filled with poems or thoughts people have. i may update some of my book covers or random idk... :)
:) message me sometime ig and add me if you wish lol and enjoy FYI NO F***ERS

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im sick and tired of relationships love is fake love is just a fairytale