17 / Non-binary / Asexual / Single and Not Looking
agents of awkward obliterator
Denver – US
Please don't send me flirtatious messages, they just make me feel uncomfortable.

hey, i'm jess, i do stuff, some of that stuff could be cool stuff. you can shoot me a message if you want to. (also i roleplay because i'm a cringy nerd and i might post s***ty drawings of my ocs on occasion)

my interests include cartoons (particularly invader zim and steven universe) and nintendo games. i'm also irredeemable homestuck, tumblr trash and i never fully got over my 7th grade emo phase.

My Squad (in no particular order): emptylaughter jazzypleaseee daddy Satans.Prius Apathetic

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i should get going, i was gonna make my friend some tea before they came see ya nerds >:P

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god.father asked

i love ur pfp
SENPAI NOTICED ME <3 (also thank you)