19 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Ligonier – US
"Can a heart still break, once it stopped beating?"
-Corpse Bride

Hi:) I'm 19 I'm here looking for new friends.
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Um I'm trying to be emo, people say I do look emo but I don't feel like it yet but I hope you can help. I like BVB, SWS,PTV, I See Stars, Secrets, ATL, ADTR,Blood On The Floor, Ghost Town, BMTH, Asking Alexandria, Out Came The Wolves,ect.
Um I'm not a fake I am the real deal, um please if you do wish to follow me and become my friend in the near future please and I mean PLEASE don't be fake I already had deal with one Catfisher I don't need to deal with another one:)
Um if you have any questions for me don't be afraid to ask, im not on here that much but you ask me on my other social medias at the top, but I will try to be on here when ever I can:)
sooooo that's me, that's all I have:) have a super wonderful day:) when you do message me on my social media don't ask me for nudes im getting tired of it so don't ask me

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i need someone who is into Creepypasta someone who know alot about Creepypasta and who knows alot about the characters because i have this question that needs to be answered