20 / Female / Straight / Single
Would fuck but can't AntagonicticGhoul 
Your daddy's pants – UK
My names Autumn, I'm 20 years old. I live in Sudbury, Suffolk.
. I love tattoos, i have seven in total and a few piercings.
. I'm training to be a mental health nurse, off to uni next year!
.I like music of most genres including things from heavy metal to house music and gaming, ps3 and Xbox mostly but have gamed on pc's.
.Sleeping is the best thing in the world.
. I am rather fond of going and drinking way to much but also have a need for netflix nights.
. I love Marvel and DC.
.I dont take life to seriously and love good conversations, i have Facebook and kik and whatsapp and snapchat, just ask. Im for a laugh and just looking for company.
Instagram: Autumnpandaa
Facebook: Autumn Rosie Morley

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Hey, mum. That's rude. Hah! But ILy so <3