18 / Non-binary / In a Relationship
Bowling Green – US
Heeyy im totally not interesting, but im really into music, and if you have similar interests, hmu.
Music: Kerbera, Seremedy, Ghost, BrokeNCYDE, BOTDF, W.A.S.P., Marry Me Oceans, Temples, iwrestledabearonce, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, etc.
Im a vinyl collector ^-^
I like cats, but I LOVE bunnies :3

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I dont even know why i try anymore. Im always alone. I'm clearly always going to stay that way. Social interaction had evaded me all my life. I thought getting out of school would help, but things are just worse. I hardly see anyone anymore. I hardly leave my house. Every day is just a reminder of how much of a failure i am. Why cant i just f***ing die

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facelessjimmy asked

do u like octopus flavoured ice cream
oh dear jeebus noooooooo