13 / Female / Bandsexual
The Screaming In The Woods – US
:'))) I'm not emo.
I'm just Twenty One Pilots level emotional.
Midnight Thoughts:
Sometimes People Are Beautiful.
Not In Their Looks
Not In What They Say
Just In What THEY Are...
2am Thoughts
Sometimes I Think The Saddest People Always Try Their Hardest To Make People Happy Because They Know What Its Like To Be Sad & Feel Worthless & They Don't Want Anyone Else To Feel Like That.
3am Thoughts
I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain whats going on in your mind when you don't understand it yourself.

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You know what i hate? when guys think its okay to flirt with you and s*** when they know you're taken, and you try be nice and not get rude to them (not flirting back) and the moment you set them straight and try to keep them away when they start acting sketchy and saying things they shouldnt, despite knowing you're not available, they start insulting you and calling you dramatic and s***. Well sorry you can't handle rejection.

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