15 / Female / Pansexual / Single
Little kitten friend William
Antwerp Ohio – US
Hai I'm Alex ^.-

100% Real, and Real pics.

I'm 15 Pansexual I honestly will date any age.

I'm shy and sweet also weird can be a bitch and can be super clingy.

I like being treated like a little at times.

I'm sub.

I love Piercings and Tattoos, I have 6 and ears to 6g I did all of them but one.

I love the movies Suicide Room and Nightmare Before Christmas (I know some Polish)

I'm not a skinny bitch (not hating on skinny girls we are all beautiful) I'm think and curvy but some say I'm small.

I'm only 5'5 1/2 I haven't grown for 3 almost 4 years, if your taller well then yay.

I'm Gender Fluid don't hate please.

I'm into Kitten Play, DDLG, DDLB.

I only want/like cute serious relationships.
(I dream of the most weird awesome crazy cute alternative relationship)

I love anime, Video games, music, singing, drawing, writing books, taking pics

-Falling In Reverse
-Escape The Fate
-Sleeping With Sirens
-Pierce The Veil
-Black Veil Brides
-Motionless In White
-Green Day
-Never Shout Never
And so much more

I love cuddles and kisses

Give me cuddles, Candy from around the world, pizza, Kisses, Love, attention and I'll love you forever.

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One day I want a friend that loves me and goves me attention

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Number or kik?

For Kik

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Any time hun :3 you mine?


Message me?..


You're adorable :3