15 / Female / Pansexual / In Love
Cuddles with CandidScottCadenBostwick
Tybee Island, Georgia – US
Call me Kay or kk. I try not label myself because it causes drama but I guess you can consider me emo and pansexual. I don't take much of anyone elses bulls*** unless it deals with someone I truly care about. I love music and art, and I make my own music. I have a YouTube channel that has a cover of A Fine Frenzy on it. I like to talk and meet new people. I have attachment issues but I will do my best to not get so attached. I am a very deep person, I might talk about stuff you may not understand. I am highly educated for my age and very experienced. I don't take bulls*** very well and I suck at apologizing. So there you have it, it's a weird world.
Kik is babyblues012601
Twitter - Kaylynd Smith
Email is [email protected]
Feel free to freind me and talk anytime about anything

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moving back home to south carolina in the mornin #homeiswheretheheartis

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Hey there friend.. Would u Like to chat on skype? U seem like a nice person to be friend with :D
Hmm maybe

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Ty ^-^


kisses back


awww its okay -kisses your cheek


awwwww why didnt you just talk to me -smiles happily


awwww really -snuggles in


i love you too my panda


-hugs back and giggles happily


yes you can


yes i would let you be my panda


Thank you!!