20 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Where Iam ;) – NL
If you still know me send a friend request or If you wanna know me too.

Facts about me ♡

Name: Silvermoon
Real name: ask
Horoscope sign: aries
Day of birth: sunday second easter
Haircolour: Middle blond
Eye colour: dark green
Skin: White

Age now: 20
Country: Netherlands
Lanquage: Dutch, english
Live in a: living group.
Likes: friends, familey, Cats, horses, white chocolate, spaghetti, sleep, make-up, clothes and shoes, symbols, cupcakes, horseriding, singing, music like: 5sos , 1D, BTTH, Avril lavigne, any punkpop, rock, pop, Some posthardcore and any with lyrics.

Dislikes: fight for respect, heartbreakers, untrust, fish, stinky, and bullying

- I`m biologic
- I was living by parents but live in group In May 2016
- Im single like mayby 6 years:/
- I was bullied In first high school
- I`m afraid of different people and I like to work
- I ever have self Harm
- I have PDD-NOS If you dont know look In Wikipedia or ask on site of me.
- I like cuddle♡
- I dont like stalkers..or ppl are there to ask weird pics like Nudies...
chat and mayby message or kik ♡
- single and here for a best friend for talk and whenever, and mayby relationship date? ;)
- If you smile ad me I should get your nice ! :)


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Merry xmas! #xmaass (x ma ass)

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Hey there friend.. Would u Like to chat on skype? U seem like a nice person to be friend with :D
Heyy :) I have no skype. I tried but .. it doesnt do. I have kik

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