19 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Is gonna marry WoahhItsPatrikk
Not where you're from – US
I really don't like this website, it's all about attention, you're all attention whores but hey maybe there's a few decent human beings on here ? We'll see... Buttttt here's a little about me

~taken by WoahhItsPatrikk so check out his band :D Nothing to Offer ( ntoband on everything)
~I'm a Christian but I won't judge you for making mistakes I've made my own
~always looking for friends so message me if you want: kik- woahhitskelly

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I just dyed my hair purple out of impulse. Oops.

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Mistah.J  asked

Happy Birthday Beautiful <3
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Thank you! Sorry I suck at responding on here but you can Kik me whenever !