14 / Female / Pansexual / Single
Copenhagen – DK
Well my name is Victoria you can call me: Tori, Vic, Viggo or just whatever you want I don't mind

I'm 13 years old soon 14 (31/07)

I live in Denmark

Social medias:
Instagram: WePlex
Kik: WePlex
Imvu: SunsuhanMaeum
Snapchat: WePlex

Don't say lol or lmao to me it p***es me off just saying
I play games but i'm not good at it x3
I'm like a weird little potato c:
And I don't know what else to put in this
Ask me stuff I'll answer honest so if you want to get to know me just ask ^-^

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What is pokemon Go I don't even know? I know its pokemon and s*** but why is people obsessed with it? I NEED to know xD