15 / Female / Gynesexual / Single
My hubby❤ Ayyyye
Cali – US
Sooo my name is Rowen. I'm 15, soon to be 16. I live in Cali and I just want some people to talk to and get to know😘 message me i love talking and getting to know people :3 hmu beauties💘 Message me and I'll give my Kik if you prefer talking on that👌

Over time I've learned....
People come and go out of your life.
You have to be able to hold and release all the time.
Being alone isn't so bad.
If you love yourself others will love you
I just want to love hard and hold her tight.
I just want them at my side until I've played my part in their life, then I wish them all the best of luck smile as they walk away.

Be happy, no one is worth you losing your happiness for <3

O.k.jessiahh the Loml

Ayyyye is my exception :3

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Not necissarily. Saying "if its not hurting anyone else its alright" is implying that theyre on safety and health isnt as important as others. It shouldnt be encouraged and it shouldnt be alright. Obesity is dangerouse because its an addiction. And there isnt any excuses for it, which is what is now being accepted. "I cant help it" isnt an excuse. Be happy yourself, but there are plenty of studies to show that obese people ARENT happy, and this unhappiness leads them to more food. Its a cycle

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You're cute bye
Thanks lol. Bye I guess CX have a lovely day <3