15 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
!! First off, before anything below, do NOT add me if you're not even going to bother talking to me. !!
~ Thank you. ~

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Uhh.. Hi.. T~T I'm a bit of an awkward turtle. Quite shy at first, but I'll come around. c: (Honestly more random and outgoing online, but. Eh.)
I won't try forcing myself into the scene/emo community, since I don't consider myself one. Mainly here to just chill and make friends, I guess..

About meee.. hmmm.. Well, I know I have an extreme foul mouth, so I tend to cuss.. a lot.. Butwhatever. Along with that, I am a tomboy.. like.. I feel like I act more like a guy than a girl sometimes. >.> But, ye.
I am a gamer.. kind of. Into MMORPGs. However, I am not playing any games as of this moment, since I am trying to take a break from gaming.
I am a digital artist, thought I wouldn't consider myself very good. I can only draw canines (mainly Wolves), and still learning how to draw anime (humans).
Many may judge me for this, but I skateboard. But you know what, I do not care if you are judging me or not, I enjoy and I love it.

Annddd.. I'm really f***ing into anime. Like, a lot. I have about 56 animes on my To-Watch List. Currently, my favorites are:
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Noragami
- Parasyte
- Fairy Tail
I don't think you'd like me to post my entire f***ing list here, do you? Thought so, but ye. Uh.

I listen to a lot of music, but I mainly like rock. I listen to..
- Sleeping with Sirens [My Favorite! <3]
- Panic at the Disco
- Fallout Boy
- Skillet
- Dead by April
- Thousand Foot Krutch
- Silverstein
- Starset
- Against the Current
- Two Steps from Hell
- Imagine Dragons
- Paradise Fears
- Tristam and Braken
- The Neighborhood
- Evanscence
- Three Days Grace
- Pierce the Veil
- Black Veil Bride [Sort of..]
- Bring Me the Horizon
- Escape the Fate
- Hollywood Undead
- My Darkest Days

If you want to talk or some s***, go a head. xD

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Going to be deleting this account soon. Don't know when, but most likely after a haircut and s***.

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KillerJoker asked

What is your favorite movie
I haven't watched movies in a while, so I have no idea. T~T