17 / Non-binary / Straight / Single and Not Looking
Fort Worth – US
major s***post bot and spammer, if you dont like it then bugger off then kek, anywho memes, internet, s***posting, i love it all

kik- dantethesummoner
snapchat- lordumbreon
instagram- lordumbreon13

always remember to top your keks

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goodnight all

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dinkleburg  asked

I forgot ;-;
Blame that one heart spammer ok
Tbh you're a rather unique individual. I actually think we've spoke briefly and you're a rad dude ^^ I really like your profile too !! Especially the background!!
its fine, i didnt expect you too after all the s***posting i did lol, anywho thank you for the kind words after a long day.

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This cutie is mine, and if you plan to harm him, i will find you and i murder you. I love seeing him happy and i want to keep him like that, i love you. :p


Rate 0/π for you are a dirty afroid with skin rich in Melanin


Rate 0/.5 you're a dirty n*****


Rate ---- 5/10 ? Probably? Just not my cup of tea ?