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I'm happily in a relaionship since 5/13/16
BTS is life. Jungkook is my bias, but V and Suga are the icing of the cake. Team Valor babe. Dyed hair, piercings and tattoos are my weakness. I'm huge on Kpop, would love to travel the world, and I adore Korean Dramas. I'm peaceful and sweet when you're good to me, but if you p*** me off I promise you'll wish you never met me. I'm protective of my friends so don't mess around with them or you'll hear from me.
I'm always willing to make friends so don't be afraid to talk to me ^^

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I have a cute wig but at the same time I don't have a cute face so like...???

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Moon.Child  asked

Happy birthday, Darling💜 We've never talked before but I always thought you were super f***ing beautiful ♡♡ I hope you have a lovely day:3
Oh my gods thank you so much. I wouldn't mind us changing the whole never talked before thing and it's honestly soo surprising to hear that someone thinks I'm beautiful ;-; thank you thank you thank you

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It's OK I'm pretty much the same. So it's all good


Awe hugs


Yw beautiful ☺


u know exid? i wanna see them live omg i would die lol


thats cool ;0 ive seen super junior, 2ne1, snsd, 4minute and bigbang live i died omfg haha. glad u noticed me ;3


i love u now coz u like kpop xd notice me tho