19 / Male / Straight / Single and Not Looking
Haarlem – NL
Heey guys,,
I'm Damian and I'm from The Netherlands .-.

There are a few things that I like: Piercings/tattoos,outer space, music, nature, anything hightech,a good horror movie, drawing, weed, animals and food ofcoruse.

There are a few things that i dislike but mostly people.

My music taste is pretty strange I guess I like a lot of music but mostly anything that is really heavy, has a lot of base or is just really good put together.

I got both sides of my lip pierced, my industrial and both of my ears stretched till 14mm

I used to go to concerts quite a lot here is a list of a few bands that i happen to saw live:
Suicide silence, Whitechapel, Stick to your guns, Carnifex, Ghost inside,Thy art is murder, Heart of a coward, comeback kid, Carach angren, Veil of delusions,
God dethroned, Decapitated,
Five finger dead punch, Avenged sevenfold ,And there might be a few more that I happen to forgot or just did't care about.

Some great dj's that i happen to saw live: Skism, Bukez finezt, Andy c, Audio, Hedex, The iluminated, Sinister souls, Karimooo, Mefjes, Forbidden society, Delta heavy, Funtcase, Cookie monsta, Obay, June miller, and a lot more.

Feel free to ask for my:

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At moments like this i feel like even my cup of coffee could use a coffee.

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StereotypicalName asked

You're really intriguing. Not to be weird or anything.
Well thank you, I appreciate it.

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Don't worry was planning on dating on here xP just lookin for friends is all. I'm 17 and live in the u.s and my names Brianna