25 / Male / Demisexual / Forever Alone
fuckhole – US
Hello all I am a person i think.. i have many aliases,
League of Toxic players(legends):Too many smurfs and main is a secret
Poke'mon Showdown: Aspergers

I'm not really emo or scene more of punk rock have enough music on my pc to supply a 3 day long dance party.

Top 5 bands are
Dance Gavin Dance
System of a Down
Blink 182
Rise Against
Avenged Sevenfold

I Stream sometimes depending on the day mostly League Rust Or Pokemans

If you really want to know anything just ask me.

I'm not here to flirt or anything just waste time in this boring as life we have. I'll talk to anyone that's willing to talk.

I am not making fun of people with Aspergers in fact i donate every year to the autism research foundation. I Urge you to donate too.

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Do you have the time to listen to me whine, about everything and nothing all at once.

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minge asked

Tbh I dont know you at all. First time I see you so..idk what to say? :/
The correct answer would of been tacos we were looking for tacos

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My eyes aren't that bright :P But thank you!


I actually ruined that necklace and i cant fix it which sucks because it was my favorite choker....


i translated 久手 and it said it means long hand but im gonna say ty anyway bc im sure it was just a mistake ?? but ty!!




Thank you :)