15 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
Powell – US
WAHHHHH SHE LEFT ME NOW IM GONN-oh hi you just caught me in the middle of being edegy as f*** anyway names echo noar (if you get that reference we are best freinds) my real name is max or maxwell i could give 2 s***s what you call me
(hell you could call me f***face and id be fine with it)
anyway im here looking for that dank pus- i mean friends and maybe a gf

fav bands top 10
10.minor threat
9.perice the veil
8.iorn maiden
7.neck deep
6.hollywood undead
5.twenty one pilots
4.guy fieri
3.mumford and suns
2.Kōji Kondō veil brides
favorite anime (note i make a lot of weeb jokes)
10.death note
8.mob psycho 100
7. is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon (mouth full am i right)
4.deltora quest
3.cowboy beebop
2.avatar the last airbender
1.sailor moon (f*** off there all awesome)
top 10 memes
10.john cena
9.deez nuts
8.i like turtes
6. dat boi
4.harambe (#dicksoutforharambe)
3.any meme with dank reading of over 420
2.9/11 (im a horrible person)

what did you expect more ask me other s***ty questions ether by asking me directly or though my q&a ill do my best to answer them as sarcastically as i can

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Are you autistic by any chance?