16 / Male / Straight / Forever Alone
The funny farm – US
I'm not interesting.
But if you want to know information about me, well, here you go then.
Favorite bands:
- Crown the Empire
- Bring Me the Horizon
- Iron Maiden
- Falling in Reverse
Favorite general activities:
- PC gaming
- Being cold
- Not being warm
- Looking at hardware specifications
Favorite food:
- Bacon. F*** yes.
Kik - ask me
Instagram - ask me
Hangouts - ask me
Skype - I quit Skype, so don't ask for it please.
Steam - If you want to play anything with me, you may request to do so.
Other s***:
- Surprisingly enough, I can actually be a really good friend if you actually try to be friends with me.
- I've prevented many suicides.
- Many people talk to me if there's something bothering them. People look up to me.
- Ironically, even though I prevent suicides, I want to die. But I guess that's normal, right?
- I'm open to conversations with any interested users here. If you wish to message me, please do so.
- I will accept friend requests, but that won't necessarily mean you are a legit friend of mine.
Might update this later. Farewell.

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This black kid on my bus slapped me across the face

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bagelsthecat asked

wtf man i'm the real bagel u f***face
stfu you're that second bagel