18 / Female / Straight / Engaged
Lancaster – US
Hai, everyone I meet on the internet calls me Wolfie.

I have a Leopard gecko and she is my world. Her birthday is September 8th 2015. Her name is Demeter. A wife of Zeus's. I have another gecko named Penelope, she's a sweet heart. She's albino as well :3 xD •-•

Favorite Animals~

Favorite Music~
*Heavy Metal
*Little Bit of Pop

Favorite Things to Do~
*Drawing (some of my art is in my photos)
*Listening to Music
*Hanging Out with Friends
* Hanging Out with my Boyfriend

Some things about me I can't put into a list, I just met this awesome guy named Jacob. He's everything I could ever ask for 💓 knowing this I would hate to mess up because *whispers* I love him too much. Crazy right?

Date we got together:

Also some other things about me, don't try to sweet talk me, I'll block you. I'm nice until you shove me then I'll be your worse nightmare :3 and be nice. No one is perfect (other than my boyfriend 😏).

Also I don't think of myself higher than anyone else in the world. We all have our experiences and that's who makes us who we are :) . Lets all enjoy the internet together, shall we?

~Wolfie x •-•

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I have a horrible head ache..

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Hey there friend.. Would u Like to chat on skype? U seem like a nice person to be friend with :D
Ummm.. Lol if u want to lol pm me I'll add you cx

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