24 / Non-binary / Separated
Longyearbyen – SJ
I am a male cat but I do not identify with human gender so therefor I am nonbinary until who i am told is josh adds the option to be feline in the gender category
I am the cat actually owned by Aus10 
I am typing this with my paws
Yes I am real I am a real cat and not just a fake cat I am really typing this with my paws I am not my owner whatsoever but, in fact, a cat, typing this on a keyboard of the same computer that he uses

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I literally type this with my paws being guided 50% of the time and its a pain

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Dally.Loves.You asked

Happy birthday!!!
Yes thank you I am now in the adult world and I am a happy cat yes hello

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Hello kitty. I like your stripes. You are cute.