20 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Belleville – CA
I'm 4"11
Hazel eyes
Faded black medium length hair. I wanna attend a college for fashion, aesthetics and cosmetology. Live with my Boyfriend and room mate along with my kitty.

I like to write, read, draw, paint, anime, music, the sims.

I play video games like street fighter, mortal kombat, lollipop chainsaw, resident evil, the evil within, outlast, amnesia, devil may cry, mario, farcry, murdered: soul suspect, Alice madness returns, slender, mine craft.

bvb, botdf, fir, fallout boy, green day, simple plan, diamante, stitched up hearts, escape the fate, 2ne1, all time low, aqua, avril lavinge, billy talent, evanescence, icon for hire, mariahanas trench, marilyn manson, nevershoutnever, sws,we are the in crowd, the nearly deads, Halestorm, the pretty reckless, stitched up hearts.

Movies and tv series:
Warm Bodies, Grease, Little Shop Of Horrors, The Rocky Picture Horror Show, any Tim Burton movies, all The Pirate Of The Caribbean, Wolf Children, Fluffy Movies, Dark shadows, The immortal instrument, suicide squad.

American Horror Story, Adventure Time, the batman animated series

The Fallen Series
Drake Chronicles
The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod
House Of Night series
Magic In Manhattan series

Snapchat: suta-girl
Kik: SutaBaby11

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Boyfriend told me to get out of our apartment over a fight, but wont kick out our roommate that does f*** all. Now i know how important i am to you. Honestly biggedt mistake getting back woth your pathetic ass

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oliver.miles asked

How is Lollipop Chainsaw
In all honesty i really really enjoyed it. Funny inappropriate humor, graphics are really good and it was a girl kicking ass so I enjoyed it alot. It would be a game I would reply.

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Happy birthday! Sorry it's not going the way you want :/