13 / Female / Demisexual / Single
Hyrule – US
Heya ^^ I'm Kaelyn~

Erm.....f*** you all I hate bios...

Only person I like on here tbh is Driscoll17 

Loz Traaaash

My favorite bands are Crestillion, Monochrome Hearts, Disreign, Kerbera, Endigo, BatAAr, SEIKE, Seremedy, and Overworld.

Anime is life, but games are better.

Plz kill me now...

Ayeeee add me if you want, I literally accept everyone cause I'm such a loner..

Mkay bye.

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i just messaged random people cause im bored. yw people that i messaged.

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xxSWSnightmarexx asked

hey text me 440-567-5527
No thanks..