18 / Male / Straight / Single
Hi I'm Tj or Tajari or turtle or baby turtle Senpai Lol I go by many names but you can call me whatever you want
I just came back to sk hey everyone you're all beautiful

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I can't believe she just left me like that 😖😖

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Phuk.que asked

Why do u keep telling my gf she is adorable and cute and stuff... back off bro...
:( I'm just being nice why do you amongst others assume I'm trying to get with someone if I'm just being nice it's very ignorant and if you have problem converse with me in a better manner rather than saying why you calling my gf etc.... all I do is try to make people feel good about themselves and not talk down to them so please next time when you come for me have your facts ready in check ok thank you have a nice day friend

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I'm not judging


Like I can read your inbox messages without going into the conversation but my school blocked the conversation