16 / Female / Bandsexual / Forever Alone
PRE-WARNING!! I'm a bit of a bitch and i got a bit of an attitude so be nice and don't be a jackass and I promise once you get to know me I'm really nice c:

I love to draw chibi and whatever comes to mind or pictures i find on Tumblr

My favorite bands are Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Attila, Pierce The Veil, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, Upon A Burning Body, Of Mice And Men, and Suicide Silence

In love with Youtube! My Digital Escape, RobbyEpicsauce, Stephen Parker, Eugenia Cooney, Matthew Lush, Heartsheld, and Markiplier

Anime has ruined my life! I love Death Note, Vampire Knights, Blue Exorcist, Soul Eater, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, and my all time favorite Black Butler

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I don't understand why some people try to paint this perfect image of themselves as if their flawless and are as sweet as sugar -.- i

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Xemo.kittyX asked

•:*´¨`*:•.(∩_∩)•:*´¨`*:•. ur a qt :D
Why thank chu \^.^/

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happy birthday!


you seem like a person i'll like to chill with...hmu anytime bud ( i normally dont like talking to people on this site so be happy xD)


Love that profile pic! SammiSuicide


Your so beautiful you make Andy Biersack jealous


Your so beautiful😍❤️


I love you babygirl❤️


Love me senpai!!


i like your username